X (also known as: Elzandra)
Introduced: Strip #10
Age: Twenty-two.
Species: Mostly human.
Personality: "Antisocial" is a mild way to describe X.  She ignores people, speaks in monosyllables when forced to communicate, and blows up anything that strikes her fancy, whether or not it's hers.  She's clingy about her twin sister, however, and rarely listens to anybody else.
Other: X and Alexis are not half-human and half-fairy, as their genealogy would suggest.  Their mother stayed shapeshifted in human form for most of the pregnancy, so the only fairy DNA they actually have came as a result of the occasional times Elsseran shapeshifted back to her real shape (because she couldn't use magic in human form).  As a result, they're about 98% human, 2% black fairy.  They look a lot more like their mother than their father, though.

Twin Sister:

                 Alexis (also known as: Elzaris)
Introduced: Strip #189
Age: Twenty-two.
Species: Mostly human.
Personality: In contrast to her sister, Alexis sees herself as "normal," and seeks to be treated that way.  Given all the situations she's been through with her family over the years, she treats strange things as if they're nothing -- which makes her pretty unusual, really.  You'd never get her to admit that, though.
Other: Counterintuitive or otherwise, Alexis is the "boss" twin.  True, she's fairly easygoing where X is extremely intense, but she also understands how to deal with other people, while X does . . . not.  Because X doesn't like making difficult decisions, especially about things she doesn't care all that much about, she tends to dump them on Alexis's lap and follow her lead.  Alexis doesn't always appreciate this.


Corinn (pronounced: KOR-ihn)
Introduced: Strip #748
Age: Forty-four.
Species: Human.
Personality: Corinn has more skill at magic than either of his brothers, but his constant issue with following directions makes him a very sloppy magic-user.  He's cheerful and friendly with everyone who doesn't try to boss him around.
Other: Corinn was the middle child of his family, and he did not get along with his father at all.  Where Richard was obedient and Joralan was self-righteous, Corinn had a habit of angry defiance that finally culminated in him taking off for good when he met Elsseran.

Elsseran (pronounced: El-SEHR-ehn)
Introduced: Strip #745
Age: Thirty-three (approximately forty-seven in human years).
Species: Fairy (black).
Personality: Elsseran is cool-headed and cold with strangers; only family members really see her warm side.  She doesn't smile or laugh very often, but she has a sense of humor, and her husband's ebullience quite often amuses her.
Other: Elsseran was fairly quiet in her childhood; she studied a lot to make up for her discomfort around strangers, but always felt rather dull and unsatisfied.  When a mutual teacher set her up on a blind date with Corinn, she was drawn to him quickly.

Cousins: Aylia and Alassa

More Cousins: Albert and Cecelia

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