Aylia (pronounced: AY-lee-uh)
Introduced: Strip #1
Age: Twenty.
Species: Human.
Personality: Aylia is obsessed with books and magic.  Partly due to her upbringing, she's passive-aggressive, sarcastic, and sometimes lacking in good social graces.  She's also incredibly smart, extremely stubborn, honest to the point of tactlessness, and generous with her friends.
Other: After attending college in our world for two years, she put her foot down to begin education at the wizarding school she wanted to go to in the first place.  Her parents did not react kindly to this.


Duchess Letitia (also known as: Lettie)
Introduced: Strip #2
Age: Forty-three.
Species: Human.
Personality: Lettie is delusional, manipulative, and a pretty awful mother.  She grew up in an abusive household, and still thinks of herself as a desperate child that needs coddling and protecting.
Other: Lettie wants her daughters to lead the perfect lives.  Unfortunately, she does not understand that different people have different needs.  Because of this, she both spoils them rotten and reacts in horror to them making their own decisions.

Duke Joralan (pronounced: Johr-AAL-aan)
Introduced: Strip #1
Age: Forty-three.
Species: Human.
Personality: Joralan doesn't much like people, and prefers to ignore everyone in favor of researching in his study.  Unfortunately, "everyone" includes his family, so he gives his wife free rein with the kids -- stepping in only to discipline when Lettie gets hysterical.
Other: As the third prince, and least magically talented, Joralan was often overlooked in his family.  His later pride at intellectual achievements (which are good, but not amazing) didn't help things.  Most courtiers either forget he exists or find him mildly annoying.


Dron (pronounced: DRONN)
Introduced: Strip #1,500
Age: Eight hundred and fifty-three.
Species: Dragon.
Personality: In his youth, Dron was strict and demanded obedience.  Gradually, he decided that he hates people following rules blindly, especially when some rules he made turned out poorly.  He's made it his life's work to convince people to distrust authority ever since.
Other: Dron has not spent his centuries idle.  He was among the many founders of the wizarding school; he first theorized the existence of our world; he co-founded the nonhuman section with Aylia's grandfather; and he played matchmaker with Corinn, among other things.

Professor Witzig
Introduced: Strip #32
Age: Thirty-nine.
Species: Human.
Personality: Professor Witzig likes everything to fit into neat, orderly little boxes.  His choice of philosophy as a discipline springs from this: he wants to have a comfortable way to explain every little detail of life in his mind.  Aylia has made this difficult for him.
Other: Before Aylia, Professor Witzig found his job, teaching Advanced Philosophy in a small-town college, delightful and fulfilling.  Unfortunately, her unusual attitudes towards education and unacceptable ability to do magic have developed him a few neuroses.

Sister: Alassa

Cousins: Albert and Cecelia

More Cousins: X and Alexis

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