Alassa (also known as: Zangaria)
Introduced: Strip #4
Age: Eighteen.
Species: Human.
Personality:  Alassa is absolutely selfish and loves no one -- not even herself.  She's also so determinedly convinced of her superiority that she refuses to put forth any work to improve at anything, which is half the reason she's such an idiot; she'd have average intelligence if she didn't work so hard at being stupid.
Other: Alassa's entire life is based around destroying her big sister.  When they were little, Aylia doted on her -- which Alassa believed was entirely her due.  Aylia finally stopped, realizing her sister was only using her, and Alassa's been obsessed with getting her slave back ever since.  So Alassa's massive selfish ego revolves even more around her sister than herself -- she's obsessed with trying to beat Aylia at everything.

Former Allies:

Introduced: Strip #607
Age: Eighteen.
Species: Human.
Personality: Bobby's quite nice and quite stupid.  He developed a massive crush on Alassa because she was pretty, and wound up gaining the dubious distinction of being her "boyfriend" only by following Cecelia's advice and pretending to like Aylia instead.
Other: Since the traumatizing breakup, Bobby's been afraid of girls and has avoided the royal court with paranoia.  He'll be fine, probably, but it will take awhile.  On the other hand, perhaps he'll have better taste whenever he gets a second girlfriend.

Introduced: Strip #416
Age: Seventeen (approximately twenty in human years).
Species: Fairy (pink).
Personality: Lullela is not the brightest crayon in the box.  She's ditzy, rather less than competent, and desperately wants to be a fairy godmother.  Fortunately, there are enough snobby nobles who just want a fairy godmother to look the part that she'll be okay.
Other: While living with Alassa, Lullela was very nice and very gullible towards her.  She helped Alassa with her homework whenever Alassa demanded it, she called Alassa "Zangaria," and she couldn't bear to hear people insult her roommate, even in true ways.

Sister: Aylia

Parents: Duchess Letitia and Duke Joralan

Roommates: The Gorgon and Adelaide

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