Daria (pronounced: DAHR-ee-uh)
Introduced: Strip #614
Age: One hundred and fifty-eight (approximately seventeen in human years).
Species: Dragon.
Personality: Daria has an extremely short attention span and sometimes faulty memory.  She's absolutely brilliant when she puts her mind to something, but it's rare that she finishes a project that takes longer than a few days -- or hours -- of work.  Her latest obsession is technology, so she invents a lot of strange things.
Other: When Daria was a baby, an Oracle made a prophecy about her.  Her parents were killed by dragon-slayers because of this, and she was raised by her older sister.  Within the last few years, another set of dragon-slayers killed her brother-in-law and her older sister.  Despite so many sad things happening in her past, Daria is cheerful and refuses to angst.  Her hyper enthusiasm can be both infectious and exasperating.


                 Gavin (pronounced: GAE-vin)
Introduced: Strip #570
Age: Three.
Species: Dragon.
Personality: Gavin is an energetic, cheerful, exciteable toddler.  He loves his family, flying, playing games, chewing on things, and getting into trouble -- well, until Mommy notices and gets mad.  Being a toddler, Gavin has a defiant streak and a tendency to find way more mischief than an adult would suspect.  He loves his mommy and Auntie Daria.
Other: Gavin was so young when his birth parents died that he barely remembers them.  He was inconsolable for the first few months after Daria's sister and brother-in-law died, but Cecelia and Daria were there for him the whole time.  He accepts Cecelia as his mommy wholeheartedly now, and may even have forgotten she wasn't there originally.

Introduced: Strip #563
Age: Twenty-two.
Species: Dragon (originally human).
Personality: Cecelia is level-headed and mature for her age.  This works out well, because she's now Gavin's adopted mother, and he's a toddler that is quite a handful.
Other: During the summer she was twenty, Cecelia's father accidentally turned her into a dragon.  Horrified and self-conscious, she flew off and stayed gone for a long time.  While she was gone, she met Daria's older sister, recently widowed and dying from the wounds the dragon-slayers had given her.  Daria's sister made her promise to take care of her baby if she didn't survive -- and then she died.  Cecelia went to the Oracle of Lycanth and asked to be made a dragon permanently so that she could keep that promise.

Cecelia's Family:

Brother: Albert

Parents: King Richard and Queen Tilia

Cousins: Aylia and Alassa

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