Introduced: Strip #7
Age: Twenty.
Species: Human.
Personality: Jenny's sweet and girly, and at times can be extremely naive.  She finds her mother terrifying, and tends to hide from her, much like her father.  While she finds being a princess stressfully hard work, she secretly adores the glamor of royalty.  She's scared out of her mind at the idea of co-ruling a country one day, but the trappings of palace life leave her star-struck and excited, even though she has little time to enjoy them.
Other: Marriage has been very good for Jenny.  Albert's sweet and sensitive, the palace allows for both structure and a fair amount of freedom, and while her mother-in-law is tough as nails, she's tough in a fair and kind way, something Jenny's parents never gave her.


Introduced: Strip #18
Age: Twenty.
Species: Human.
Personality: Albert's something of a coward, but he's grown up a lot since meeting Jenny.  Since she's just as prone to freaking out as he is, he's started growing a spine to protect her.  Together, they're both scared to face things, but they give each other courage, so there's a lot less running away.
Other: Jenny and Albert have a sappy, gooey relationship.  He treats her like a princess; she treats him like Prince Charming; and even though they technically are prince and princess, they'd act that way anyway.  Albert's parents raised him to be a gentleman, and though he has a lot of faults, he knows how to make the girl he loves feel special.  He could be freakishly clingy before he met Jenny, but now that he has a girl who loves such besotted adoration, it's perfect.



Introduced: Strip #140
Age: Forty-eight.
Species: Human.
Personality: Edwardine is a strict, aggressive businesswoman who is something of a femi-nazi.  She hates feminity in any form (including long hair), and gets angry when her employees -- or children -- do not act like the workaholic she is.
Other: Edwardine grew up in the same small town as Aylia's mother, and Edwardine often baby-sat Lettie.  Much of her dislike of traditional "girliness" was exacerbated by the loathing she felt for that weak-willed, crybaby charge.

Introduced: Strip #548
Age: Forty-six.
Species: Human.
Personality: Laurie was the kid who always got picked on in grade school.  He rarely sticks up for himself, and he's pretty wishy-washy about it whenever he tries.  He's frankly scared of his wife, and whenever he tries to be nice, Edwardine overrides his efforts.
Other: When Laurence met Edwardine, she was tough, hard-as-nails, and already quite a success in the business world.  She liked that he would humbly do whatever she said; he was relieved that she would make decisions for him.  Theirs is not a healthy relationship.


Introduced: Strip #142
Age: Twenty-two.
Species: Human.
Personality: Jessi is as strong-willed and as stubborn as her mother, and the two rarely see eye-to-eye about anything.  Given free rein, she has a tendency to be extremely bossy, but she's aware of that and tries not to be a bully.  Still, she finds her sister and her father quite exasperating.
Other: Like her mother, Jessi's not particularly girly.  Unlike Edwardine, she doesn't mind girls (or guys, for that matter) who are.  Despite her mother's vehement insistence that the arts are worthless, Jessi majored in drama and is currently pursuing her dream.

Albert's Family:


King Richard
Introduced: Strip #261
Age: Forty-six.
Species: Human.
Personality: Richard is cheerful and eager to please.  He's also responsible and smart, though he didn't inherit his father's gift for magic . . . to his regret.  He loves his kids and treats his niece, Aylia, like one of them.
Other: Richard was the oldest son, and the only one who got along with their father well.  He didn't mind being groomed as future king, and is a quite capable ruler.  He's best with behind-the-scenes work, and leaves social situations -- like diplomacy -- to his wife.

Queen Tilia (pronounced: TIHL-ee-uh)
Introduced: Strip #263
Age: Forty-five.
Species: Human.
Personality: Tilia is very organized and disciplined -- she won't take nonsense and is hard to deceive.  She's the public face of Umbrian royalty, the monarch who appears in social situations and who keeps diplomatic relations running smoothly.
Other: Where Albert takes after his father, Cecelia takes after their mother.  Both of them are no-nonsense, practical, and good at dealing with difficult people.  Not everyone likes Tilia, but almost everyone respects her.

Sister: Cecelia

Cousins: Aylia and Alassa

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