Introduced: Strip #273
Age: Twenty.
Species: Human.
Personality: Loretta is a kind, calm, generally level-headed person . . . except where swords are concerned.  She's wealthy and generous, enjoys shopping, loves clothes, likes dating casually, gets along with most people -- and is obsessed with swords.  Scarily obsessed.  It's hard to bother her normally, but one hint of danger towards her swords is enough to trigger either a berserk rage or total hysteria.
Other: Growing up in the same neighborhood, Reg and Loretta have been friends since second grade.  Neither was ever part of the high school "popular crowd," but both had a large group of casual friends.  Reg's friends considered her "one of the guys," which she found complimentary.


Introduced: Strip #385
Age: Twelve.
Species: Human.
Personality: Lionel is a typical twelve-year-old boy.  He likes videogames, sneaking around his parents' rules, and trying to create adventures when he gets bored, which happens quite frequently.  He doesn't seem to fear much, even things he should if he had a healthier survival instinct.
Other: Lionel gets in trouble quite frequently.  He's curious and smart and gets bored easily, so he's always looking for new ways to entertain himself, especially ways his parents have forbidden.  His casual liking of swords is magnified by both his sister's obsession and his mother's insistence that they're dangerous and therefore not something her children should be playing with.


Introduced: Strip #1,441
Age: Forty-seven.
Species: Human.
Personality: Louis is a fairly easygoing, nice man.  He makes a lot of money but sees no reason to hoarde it, prefering to be generous with family, friends, and charity instead.  He is happy and contented with his life and family.
Other:  Louis is a very successful engineer, monetarily speaking, but he's even more successful in that he likes his job and won't let it consume his life, even though he could be making lots more money than he does already.

Introduced: Strip #700
Age: Forty-five.
Species: Human.
Personality: Geraldine loves her children and is frequently exasperated with the lack of self-perservation both display.  Loretta's obsession with sharp objects baffles and alarms her, and Lionel's casual tendency to put himself in danger drives her crazy.
Other: The only career Geraldine ever really wanted was to be a stay-at-home mom, so she's very happy with her life and family.  Still, she often wishes her children would display a little more sanity.

From the Swordfighting Class:

Introduced: Strip #1,050
Age: Thirty-four.
Species: Gorgon (desert clan).
Personality: Kurthan is a brilliant swordsman, but a less-than-perfect teacher.  He's pretty good at teaching advanced students, but he haaaaaaaaates beginners, and makes no effort to disguise his resentment at being forced to teach them occasionally.
Other: A highly successful mercenary in his homeland, Kurthan Dayslasher was famous (and infamous) for his skills in battle.  His wife, Lefan Nightsaber, was notorious as an assassin . . . until her death.  After that, Kurthan decided he was sick of killing people.

Introduced: Strip #1,049
Age: Fifteen.
Species: Gorgon (desert clan).
Personality: Raised the daughter of an assassin and a mercenary, Elan is not exactly sensitive, and not exactly loyal.  She has an abrasive personality that some people like, and others find jerky.  She doesn't have a lot of friends, but she doesn't usually care.
Other: She's attending the knight school, not because she particularly wants to, but because she gets free tuition thanks to her father teaching there.  She doesn't really want to be a warrior, but she doesn't have strong preferences about anything else.

Friend: Reg

Roommates: Heather and Ashley

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