Felincia (pronounced: Feh-LIHN-see-uh)
Introduced: Strip #82
Age: Twenty.
Species: Born werewolf.
Personality: Felincia is slow to change her mind or make decisions, but once she does, she hangs on tenaciously.  She is stubborn, hot-tempered, fiercely loyal, and ferocious about just about everything.  As the oldest of fourteen kids, she's used to bossing people around and used to sharing things; she finds people who complain about roommate troubles amusing.  Whether or not it's true, she feels like she's dealt with every personality conflict imaginable before.
Other: Felincia and Reg have a hot-tempered, hot-blooded relationship.  Sometimes they clash, but not often, they're quick to forgive.  They're bound to have hot-tempered and ferocious children someday -- beware any who stand in their way!


                 Reg (pronounced: REHJ)
Introduced: Strip #152
Age: Twenty.
Species: Made werewolf.
Personality: When Reg decides to do something, he tends to act immediately and have no regrets.  Liking Felincia was a snap judgement; once he proposed, their engagement lasted ten days.  His tattoos were a snap decision back in high school, done to anger his parents -- though he also likes how they look.  He's majoring in criminal psychology, and hopes to become a police detective someday.
Other: Reg doesn't love being a werewolf, and probably wouldn't have chosen to become one if he hadn't assumed -- rightly -- that Felincia wanted a husband who was the same species as her.  He doesn't mind most aspects of lycanthropy, though he's found he's not too fond of her family's pack-hunting.



Introduced: Strip #832
Age: Forty-three.
Species: Made werewolf.
Personality: Felincia's father gave up his family, friends, and hometown when he became a made werewolf to marry his wife.  He loves his family and insists he has no regrets.  He's touchy about the fact that he's banned from Lycanth, though.
Other: Before he met his wife, Felincia's father was an ordinary young man who lived near the Lycanth border.  When they first met, he felt sorry for her.  Against the wishes of his family and friends, he befriended and eventually fell in love with her.

Introduced: Strip #829
Age: Forty-two.
Species: Born werewolf.
Personality: Kelanna's childhood family was rather cruel.  Her husband was the first person to really show her kindness.  Married, they chose to have lots of kids because it makes their family a whole community, and they both missed community keenly.
Other: Because she was born a runt, Felincia's mother was treated badly by most of her hometown/pack growing up.  It was traumatic when the pack decided to kick her out of their whole country, but she's now happy in Umbria and doesn't miss Lycanth one bit.


Davin.  Nineteen years old.  Introduced: Strip #901.  A practical joker and bully who really should have outgrown both things.
Sasha.  Seventeen years old.  Introduced: Strip #875.  Boy-crazy, yet can never seem to keep a boyfriend long.  Perhaps she's scary.
Sera.  Fifteen years old.  Introduced: Strip #1,064.  Motherly to her younger siblings.  The only person who can calm Tenny down consistently.
Keri.  Fourteen years old.  Introduced: Strip #1,200.  Ferocious, strong-willed, and enthusiastic.  One of the best hunters in the family pack.
Relagor.  Thirteen years old.  Introduced: Strip #468.  A mischievous prankster who loves bothering his sisters.  Lionel's swordfighting rival.
Lacey.  Twelve years old.  Introduced: Strip #1,304.  The female prankster of the family, who specializes in practical jokes that aren't always safe.
Jorge.  Eleven years old.  Introduced: Strip #1,303.  A reasonably quiet brother who often follows Relagor's lead.
Janice.  Ten years old.  Introduced: Strip #1,202.  A little on the shy side, she tends to avoid Lacey and follow Keri's lead.
Tenny.  Nine years old.  Introduced: Strip #1,062.  Often the victim of practical jokes and bullying, she pities herself and whines frequently.
Channer.  Seven years old.  Introduced: Strip #901.  Somewhat standoffish, he tends to prefer playing alone than with his brothers.
Helda.  Six years old.  Introduced: Strip #1,276.  The youngest sister, who usually plays with twins Denny and Eddie.
Denniel.  Four years old.  Introduced: Strip #1,270.  Like the younger twin, he's nosy and tattles about mean older siblings frequently.
Edwin.  Four years old.  Introduced: Strip #1,270.  Much like the older twin, except he tends to follow rather than lead.

Reg's Parents:

Introduced: Strip #1,433
Age: Fifty-six.
Species: Human.
Personality: Joseph rules his companies, and household, with an iron fist.  He's a competent businessman, not an amazing one, but he has enough money to wrap around every problem that this has never caused issues for him.
Other: When Joseph was just getting out of college, his family began planning a huge merger with the conglomerate owned by Eva's family.  Both sets of parents liked the idea of pressuring their heirs into marrying each other, did so, and it worked.

Eva (pronounced: AY-vuh)
Introduced: Strip #1,432
Age: Forty-five.
Species: Human.
Personality: Eva's a trophy wife with attitude.  Joseph has complete say in how they run their household, but she doesn't care -- she's happy to ignore her family and spend all her time manipulating social circles, instead.
Other: Eva and Joseph have a mutually satisfactory marriage because they ignore each other most of the time.  They've never loved each other, but they're both self-absorbed, so neither cares.  Unfortunately, their son has not appreciated being treated similarly.

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