Kuralla (pronounced: Koo-RAH-luh)
Introduced: Strip #496
Age: Seventeen.
Species: Human (Oracle).
Personality: Kuralla's timid and frequently unsure of her position in the world around her.  A quintessential middle child, she often fades into the background, and is not comfortable with confrontations.  Being shoved into the spotlight as a new Oracle rather scares her.
Other: Since Counselor Tranin accidentally stumbled across her, Kuralla's learned a lot and gained some personal confidence.  Having to live apart from her family helps a great deal, as her parents are a little too nice to challenge her shyness, her younger siblings are attention-hogs, and her older siblings are bossy jerks.  She's a lot like her mother in personality.


Sage Hinkarilin (pronounced: Hihn-KAHR-rihl-lihn)
Introduced: Strip #629
Age: Thirty-five.
Species: Human (Sage).
Personality: Hinkarilin has no patience for dishonesty, so he tends to be brusque around
posers or fakes.  He is often more direct than polite, and reserves a special disdain for
people who strike him as arrogant, since he's disgusted that that's how he used to be.
Other: Until Laraneth found him, Hinkarilin was a know-it-all child in the know-it-all
country of Dragoria.  Laraneth spent the next ten or so years teaching him a great many
lessons in humility.  Hinkarilin's apprenticeship didn't end until he was twenty-eight.

Sage Laraneth (pronounced: LAIR-uh-neth)
Introduced: Strip #629
Age: Eighty-nine.
Species: Human (Sage).
Personality: While Laraneth finds liars and fakes irritating, he tends to be a smidge more
diplomatic than Hinkarilin, no doubt because he's learned a lot more patience from age.  
He's rather fond of Kuralla, looking at her as a sort of adopted granddaughter.
Other: Unbeknownst to most around him, Laraneth did not grow up in Andra; he was born
in Lycanth.  As Oracles and Sages are immune to lycanthropy, he was born human, which
led to his born werewolf parents abandoning him.  The Oracle of Lycanth took him in.

Other Mentors:

Counselor Tranin (pronounced: TRA-nihn)
Introduced: Strip #502
Age: Twenty-seven.
Species: Human.
Personality: Counselor Tranin is a social-climbing and ambitious minor government official who tends to irk the king and queen, as well as anyone else who finds her patronizing and manipulative ways annoying.
Other: The counselor was merely passing through Kuralla's town when she heard some rumors about the girl that piqued her nosiness.  She was the first to correctly guess that Kuralla was a real Oracle, and immediately set about to try to use this to advantage.

Oracle of Lycanth
Introduced: Strip #1,391
Age: Over three thousand.
Species: Human (Oracle).
Personality: No one knows the Oracle of Lycanth's real name, and she doesn't seem that interested in sharing.  She is probably the oldest person alive, and doesn't particularly encourage visitors.  She is very noticeably set in her ways.
Other: When she was young, she made the mistake of giving some information to a very powerful witch who asked for it.  That witch used then this information to create the curse of lycanthropy.  The Oracle of Lycanth still blames herself for this.


Wendar.  Forty-one years old.  Introduced: Strip #677.  Kuralla's father, and their community's current town leader.
Klukan.  Forty-two years old.  Introduced: Strip #674.  Kuralla's mother, a nice woman who can get shy around strangers.
Arabella.  Twenty-one years old.  Introduced: Strip #675.  An unfriendly witch who orders her younger siblings around frequently.
Charlie.  Nineteen years old.  Introduced: Strip #675.  A jerk who makes his younger siblings do his chores, especially Kuralla.
Terry-Beth.  Thirteen years old.  Introduced: Strip #675.  Enthusiastic, bold, and thrilled that an Oracle big sister has made her popular.
Sydney.  Eleven years old.  Introduced: Strip #675.  Tries to compete with Terry-Beth over who their Oracle big sister likes best.

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