The Gorgon (also known as: Hthfthgthssfathssggathsfths)
Introduced: Strip #416
Age: Twenty-three (approximately twenty-one in human years).
Species: Gorgon (mountain clan).
Personality: The Gorgon was not particularly happy when her parents decided to send her to the faraway country of Umbria to attend a school she'd never heard of.  She obeyed their wishes, however, which is what brings her here.  She goes by "the Gorgon" because she doesn't mind being referred to that way, while she does object to any sort of nickname (especially a shortening of her personal name, which in her society is extremely insulting).
Other: Mountain Gorgon society is a matriarchal theocracy with very strong traditions of lawfulness and family loyalty.  The Gorgon's mother is a naga priestess, which is an important position: somewhere between a highly respected judge and a senator in influence.


                 Tefath (also known as: Fthgathsthsgaftssfth)
Introduced: Strip #1,607
Age: Twenty-two (approximately twenty in human years).
Species: Gorgon (mountain clan).
Personality: When the Gorgon was about six years old, she had a good friend from an appropriate family that both sets of parents thought seemed an acceptable match.  They asked the two children's permission, and the two have been officially betrothed ever since.  Tefath is a little shy, but very gentle and sweet.  While he and the Gorgon have never been particularly romantic, they're comfortable around each other and will happily get married eventually.
Other: It is common, in mountain Gorgon society, for people to call each other by a term that describes their relationship (like "mother" or "father"), rather than by their often-quite-long names.  "Tefath" means "fiancé" (specifically, "the male I am officially betrothed to").  "Kefath" is the female equivalent, and what he calls his fianceé.


Introduced: Strip #893
Age: Twenty-two (approximately thirty in human years).
Species: Fairy (white).
Personality: Adelaide is cold and analytical and not particularly prone to social activities.  She has attended four different schools for various reasons, and is now in Umbria to study magic theory.  She doesn't really care for using magic, just the rules behind it -- like a theoretical physicist who finds active experiments boring.  She has a mild fondness for tools that perform efficiently without magical aid.
Other: White fairy magic specializes in communication, so most white fairies end up in jobs like teaching, diplomacy, or occasionally translation.  Adelaide comes from a family with a long tradition of teaching, though she may or may not choose to enter that profession personally.

Other Roommates: Alassa and Lullela

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