As of Strip #2,032, Felincia is pregnant!  But Reg's cat, Fuzzball, just ate the tags off all her gifts.  Someone needs to figure out which gifts were left by whom, after

Felincia's Baby Shower.

Lacey's gift was destroyed when she tried to use it on Relagor before coming.  (It was some kind of perfume.)  And somebody mailed in a gift that didn't attend.  But otherwise, there should be one gift from each friend or family member who came:

A. B. C. D.

E. F. G. H. I.

(She eventually sent thank-you cards to:)
A. Baby basket = Kelanna B. Sword = Loretta C. Patchwork blanket = Sera D. Books = Aylia E. Diapers = Linnea
F. Rattle = Janice G. Stuffed animal = Tenny H. Gift basket = Jenny I. Dog collar = Eva

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