Cecelia has many unique struggles ahead of her, as a twenty-one-year-old human in a two-hundred-some-year dragon's body.  Because she is a dragon permanently, she now ages at the dragon rate, so she has time to raise Gavin and make these adjustments gradually.  Most dragons kind of ignore her for the first hundred or so years; she's too young, in their eyes, like a toddler in an adult's body, which they find disturbing.  After a sufficient length of time, however, they start to feel she's mature enough for her body, and she's no longer shunned uncomfortably.

Before this point, she is very attached to her human relations; she loves her old family.  After she outgrows her parents, brother, cousins, nieces and nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews, great-great-nieces and great-great-nephews, however, she starts feeling much more detached about it.  She keeps up with the Umbrian royal family, and she keeps casual tabs on the descendents of her human friends, but it's more from curiosity than any sense of belonging.

The friend she actually grows closest to, for a long time, is Kuralla.  The two of them didn't know each other very well originally, but as the decades pass and they both watch their families age while they stay younger, knowing they have centuries ahead of them, they spend a lot of time talking.  Both of them feel somewhat isolated, Cecelia because she's looked down on by her species, Kuralla because she is reverenced too much, and they find a great deal of relief that someone understands this.

Gavin grows up to be a healthy, strong dragon man.  He has a period, as a teenager, where he likes humans and spends a few decades going around in human form, like his Aunt Daria, taking classes at human institutions and generally goofing off with the shorter-lived species.  He grows tired of this and settles down when he feels like he's done everything in human society that he finds interesting.  He marries a sweet dragon girl who thinks his sense of humor is hilarious, and they settle down together happily to lay their first egg.

After Gavin has moved out, and Daria is busy doing her things, Cecelia decides she should tour around the world and meet every dragon she can.  It's a small community -- only seven thousand people -- and it's spread out very thin, as dragons often like space and do not socialize much except in close family units.  She's treated courteously by most people, and she learns a lot about her chosen species.  She finds the century she spends traveling this way fascinating.

At the age of four hundred and eighty-six, Cecelia meets a dragon widower she likes very much.  They spend forty-three years in courtship, then finally marry.  He has two grown children, just like she has Gavin, but they still lay two eggs of their own.  (Dragons being fertile until death, there is no societal oddness with this.)  They raise their children happily, and for the first time, Cecelia really feels like she belongs to her permanent species, like she did not miss anything because of her two human decades.

She becomes very good friends with one of her step-daughters-in-law, and they often laughingly swap stories.  Cecelia lives to the age of six hundred and eighty-eight.

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