Dron keeps on teaching at his own pace, in his own way, for another one hundred and twenty-five years.  He's there when two of Jenny and Albert's great-grandchildren botch ruling and need replacing with their second-cousins; he's there when Aylia's two sons both decide to go to the wizarding school; he's there when Lycanth loses its national wards and the Oracle of Lycanth comes out personally to smash the invaders; he's there when Andra tries to invade and ends up combining its borders with Umbria to make a gigantic joint country.

Eventually, he dies peacefully in his sleep.  The administration goes to far too much effort to mourn him, immortalizing his image in an enormous, life-sized statue that they hollow out later to make a classroom building.  While he would have been greatly annoyed about this, he would have been tickled pink to find out that, in rainy seasons, it leaks.

His name is remembered among humans for centuries, and the dragon community never forgets it.

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