After just over eight years of daily updates, this comic strip has wrapped itself up into a tidy conclusion.  It ran every weekday from March 31, 2003 until May 27, 2011, and completed with exactly 2,100 updates.  It will stay online forever (or at least, as long as I have any say in it), so you may always start from the beginning, settle for a summary instead and start with the fourth semester, or browse the extras pages.  My main site contains links to all the stories I'm working on and updating currently; if you've liked this story, you may want to read the other things I'm doing.  :)


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(July 28, 2011)

Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my comic strip!  This story has meant a lot to me, and the process of completing it was quite bittersweet.  Now, two months later, I find I am missing the story . . . yet, I also feel so happy to be completely finished.  I knew when I started it that it was never meant to last forever: all good stories deserve a good ending, and they should never simply fade away from lack of courage or ideas to complete.  This feeling is exactly like how I have felt upon graduating -- in those last few months of crunch time, all you can think about is how badly you want to be finished already, but once you come down to that final moment, you feel a sharp twinge of regret to realize you will never live this very memorable part of your life again.

I have now, officially, ended a story for an audience.  That marks a huge first for me.  I have ended stories before; I have certainly finished things; but never before has it been so public, so open, so final, so real.  I hope you, reader, also feel a sense of closure, and have loved the journey.  I will miss it badly in many ways, but I have no regrets to be moving on to my future things.

In fact, I have such wonderful future things!

My brand new main website is so awesome (that thing took soooooo muuuuuuch wooooork to make), and the announcements I'm making on there are even more wonderful, for me.  My comic strip was actually a detour from what I wanted to be doing originally: now I'm back on track again, and it feels amazing.  I'm certainly not quitting comics (just look at To Prevent World Peace!); I think I may just always have a comic going, because I love telling stories in that style and medium, and there's so much I can do with it.  There are other mediums I want to work in too, however, and I'm about to start focusing again on the place I have always wanted to be.

My wonderful readers, I hope you'll follow me into my future stories.  I have so many to complete, so many wonderful things I am dying to be able to share with you.  No matter what, however, thank you for spending your time on this one.  It has meant worlds to me.