After Sage Laraneth dies of old age, Kuralla gets really annoyed about the rules the Sage Hinkarilin and Sage Justin keep setting for her, especially since she and Sage Justin (who is two years younger than her, anyway) are supposed to be dating.  When Sage Hinkarilin refuses to let her take a several-year-long sabbatical, and Sage Justin backs him up, she snaps and storms over to Daria's cave for sanctuary.  Daria eagerly invites her in, and happily creates wards to keep both Sages away.

Sage Justin is extremely upset about this.  Sage Hinkarilin shrugs and goes back to his duties.  He won't admit it, but he's rather pleased to see Kuralla standing up for herself, even if it is against his wishes.  After a few months on her own, Kuralla decides she'd be okay going back to her shrine, where Sage Hinkarilin lets her in and doesn't even comment on her absence.  Sage Justin stays offended and angry and never does forgive her, though . . . so, obviously, they never do go back to dating.

After Sage Hinkarilin dies of old age, Kuralla finally decides she's sick of her shrine.  Sage Quince is pompous, Sage Brannan is boring, Sage Justin is insufferable, and all three of them think that they can boss her around, which is awfully galling.  So she takes off again, for good this time, and she shows up at the Oracle of Lycanth's doorstep.  The Oracle of Lycanth invites her in without any questions, and Kuralla spends the next century studying Oracle history, asking questions, and trying to decide how she wants to live.

She waits until all three of those Sages who knew her are dead, then she sneaks back into the world again.  She travels with Cecelia, visiting dragons all over the world, for several decades; she sneaks around the rest of the world as a tourist for the rest of the century.  She becomes an official court advisor for one country, then another, whenever she finds she is happy with a nation and she likes the monarch in charge of it.  She also becomes very skilled at ducking and avoiding Sages.

A century later, a really nasty renegade Sage does manage to kidnap her.  He drags her to a warlord who wants to torture her into serving him, and she is trapped there, terrified and treated horribly, for months on end.  Daria spearheads a rescue mission for her, and Daria's husband successfully captures the corrupt Sage.  No human ever sees that one Sage again, but two dragons do: a pair of historians who are delighted to be given this new pet to keep in a cage and constantly interrogate.

Kuralla continues to hate Sages for the next few centuries, flying into a rage if the slightest one comes near her.  She avoids the Oracle of Lycanth's home anytime there is a Sage child living with her, and gets violently angry anytime even a reasonable Sage tries to visit her.  This continues, until . . . a small servant boy she likes, at the court she's currently serving in, turns out to be a Sage.  At first she hates him and rejects him, but he is so young and innocent, he doesn't understand, and his kindness and innocence softens her heart, and she starts remembering that she once had friends who were Sages.

The king she is currently serving loves the idea of the two of them getting together, and keeps trying to play matchmaker -- but Kuralla can't bear the idea of giving her heart to somebody she knows she's going to outlive in less than a century.  When she realizes the Sage boy has fallen in love with her -- he's now in his twenties -- she decides she needs to leave.  It hurts her like crazy, but she cannot bear the idea of marrying somebody who will die so quickly.  She never forgets him.

Two hundred years later, she does finally find somebody she's willing to marry -- a grandson of Daria's, who is just as good at shapeshifting magic as his grandmother is.  The world still finds interspecies marriage scandalizing, so the two of them marry in secret, and they spend many happy centuries together.  When she finally outlives him, she chooses to go back to wandering, helping common people out in random small ways.

Thousands of years later, people are still claiming they have seen her out wandering.

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