Personal Links:

My Main Site
Links to all my online projects can be found here.
To Prevent World Peace
A magical girl manga -- from the villains' point of view.
My Open Diary
Some people have blogs.  I have an Open Diary.
Brigham Young University
I graduated from here!  It's an awesome school.
Life, the Universe, and Everything
A science fiction and fantasy symposium I attend every year.
The Website of Bandobras Took
My husband's various writing projects, all worth reading.
Friends' Links:

Moon and Star Stories
Becky's beautifully-drawn manga short stories.
The Hero's Handbook
Amber's non-updating spoof-of-fantasy-cliches webcomic.
Hi to Tsuki to Hoshi no Tama
Alicorn's plausibly-thought-out magical girl webmanga.
Nowhere University
Allison's fun, geeky, irregular, yet awesome webcomic.
The Sealed Gate
Lanea's slow-updating, but interesting, fantasy webcomic.
Mandy's non-updating, but pretty, fantasy webmanga.

Top Ten Favorite Webcomics:
(Comic Strips)

The Academy
Poor art, but great writing, daily updates, and it's hilarious.
Corner Alley 13
Magical creatures settle, unwanted, into urban America.
Faux Pas
A sweet and funny romance between two foxes.
A great sci-fi strip.  Fun characters and great continuity.
Knit Princess
Princess is obsessed with knitting.  Really, really obsessed.
Nowhere University
Has a character based on me!  And an awesome story.
Real Life
Slice of life geek humor.  With odd, non-realistic things.
The Sealed Gate
A girl gets accidentally summoned to another world.
When the full moon rises . . . dice become irresistable!
Will Write for Chocolate
The life, times, and silliness of a freelance writer.

Top Ten Favorite Webcomics:
(Other Formats)

Evil Diva
A cute demon girl decides to be a superhero.
Kid Radd
An animated sprite comic with a surprisingly deep story.
Kimono's Townhouse
My Little Ponies and geek humor.  A great combination!
Directions of Destiny
An interesting fantasy that's finally updating again!
Muse Academy
Being the only mortal at school can be intimidating . . .
Cheshire Crossing
A quite fun Neverland, Wonderland and Oz crossover.
Game Plan
A sweet shoujo manga about Christian gamers.
Negative One
A well-thought-out, well-written story; often PG-13.
The 10 Doctors
That crossover all Doctor Who obsessees want to see.
Big-mouthed lupin girl meets silent lupin mercenary.

(These are no longer updated after May 27, 2011.  Some of these may end, or my tastes may change.)

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