As we all know, Loretta (introduced in Strip #273), is a major clothes horse.  She never wears the same outfit twice -- with the exception of her nightgown -- and she loves swords so much that she carries those around a lot, too.  Because of this, I decided to create our second special extra,

The Loretta Paper Doll.






Originally, I was going to color all the clothes and swords and so forth in. But after spending a few hours cleaning things up for the black and white pictures, I decided to stay sane and leave them in black and white. After all, it's more fun to color paper dolls in yourself, and black-and-white's much easier to print out. Every item of clothing should fit Loretta fine, and you should be able to mix-and-match just about everything, too. But no guarantee everything will look good together!

Almost everything you see here is something Loretta's worn in the comic strip, but some of the strips she's worn certain clothes in are still in my sketchbook, and others I just made up on the spot while drawing clothes for her. Still others are modified versions of clothes she's worn in the comic strip -- there were a few outfits that looked better a little different from the front. And all six of the swords are ones she has, though some of them she doesn't have yet online.

Well, that's it. I'll stop talking now. So enjoy!

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