Nicole's Wishful Thinking presents . . .

Nicole's Infallible Dating Tips!

(Disclaimer: Results may be fallible.)

The 5 DON'Ts:

1. Don't go on double dates with weirdo roommates.  
(Trust me on this one.)

2. Don't date one of your roommates' ex-boyfriends.  
(Your roommate might feel uncomfortable.)

3. Don't take beauty tips from angry roommates.  
(It's not my fault she overreacted!)

4. Don't let roommates meet your current boyfriends.  
(What did he see in her, anyway?)

5. Don't let former roommates interfere with current dates.  
(It prevents potential disasters.)

The 5 DOs:

1. Make sure to dress up for important dates.  
(It makes a good impression.)

2. Make polite conversation when you go out to eat.  
(It's a good way to ease potential tension.)

3. Movies are a great place to get guys to pay attention to you.  
(Especially the scary movies!)

4. Ask friends to drop subtle hints to guys you have a crush on.  
(How else will they figure it out?)

5. If all else fails, a love potion won't!  
(In theory, at least . . .)

And most of all, remember: things can always get worse.

Have fun dating!

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