Introduced: Strip #737
Age: Fourteen (approximately twenty-two in human years).
Species: Mermaid.
Personality: Stefanee is a great fan of shapeshifting magic, so much that she decided to transfer into a land-based school to both refine her technique and to keep in constant practice.  She doesn't favor either human, Gorgon, or fairy forms, tending to rotate between the three equally.
Other: Like all mermaids, Stefanee is annoying.  This is a cultural trait, springing from the fact that ocean life is frequently dangerous, and mermaid lives are often short and/or fraught with tragedy.  To prevent hopelessness or despair, mermaids are encouraged from youth to avoid expecting anything and to laugh in even the worst situations.  This leads to most mermaids having a sense of humor that non-mermaids find offensive or extremely annoying.


Introduced: Strip #551
Age: Fifteen (approximately twenty-two in human years).
Species: Fairy (purple).
Personality: Victoria, an only child, has often defied her parents' wishes, yet did not really expect this to lead to any undesirable consequences.  Her choice of boyfriend crossed a line, however: her parents would not accept her dating a non-purple fairy.
Other: Purple fairies have charisma magic.  As such, all royalty within the fairy kingdoms are purple fairies, as are the vast majority of nobility.  Purple fairies tend to be extremely snobby and to believe they deserve anything they wish.  Victoria is not really above this.

Mordran (pronounced: MOHR-draan)
Introduced: Strip #553
Age: Fifteen (approximately twenty-three in human years).
Species: Fairy (black).
Personality: Mordran started out as one of Victoria's personal bodyguards.  They soon found each other very attractive and started dating on the sly.  He's not particularly jealous, but that's mainly because he's completely confident about Victoria wanting him.
Other: Mordran comes from a long line of professional royal bodyguards, which essentially makes him the equivalent of an extremely high noble in rank.  Class-wise, he and Victoria are practically equals, which is why it was so easy to get to know each other originally.


Introduced: Strip #1,176
Age: Fourteen (approximately twenty-two in human years).
Species: Mermaid.
Personality: Carolynn's bouncy, cheerful, and rather flighty.  Where her sister's rather more responsible, she tends to do whatever she feels like doing at any given time.  Despite being a talented musician, she's a little less than professional in how seriously she treats her deranger.
Other: Mermaid musicians are notorious for being the most hated mermaids in existence.  In actuality, there are two basic types of mermaid music: one unearthly, hauntingly beautiful, and the other extremely annoying.  Musicians rarely perform the former type above water, since it never sounds right in the air, so land-based species are rarely aware that they only ever hear one side of mermaid music.

Carolynn's Band:


Introduced: Strip #1,655
Age: Twenty (approximately thirty-four in human years).
Species: Mermaid.
Personality: Gundurun is a stuck up snob about his Art, which is annoying music.  He's as well-known and admired as a famous rock star, and has found himself four gorgeous wives already.  Unfortunately, Gundur's taste in women runs towards "very beautiful and very shallow," so he doesn't understand why none of them keep worshipping him.  He has three young children, the oldest a mischievous toddler who loves her daddy.
Other: A "deranger" is the mermaid equivalent of a conductor or band leader, in addition to being a lead singer and/or dancer.  Not every musical group has one, but they're very common among bands who specialize in the annoying type of music.

Other Band-Mates:

Introduced: Strip #1,654
Age: Eighteen (approximately twenty-eight in human years).
Species: Mermaid.
Personality: The most cool-headed of the band-mates, Charson is a laid-back percussionist who enjoys the challenge of playing just-this-close-to-chaotic beats.  He can use almost anything on hand as an instrument, though he prefers the tone of some things.
Other: After Gundur, Charson is the most experienced band-mate.  He's played in three other groups before, and will probably move on again eventually.  He favors uncertainty and appreciates variety.  Annoying music is very much his thing.

Introduced: Strip #1,655
Age: Seventeen (approximately twenty-six in human years).
Species: Mermaid.
Personality: Melody is a rather shy mermaid.  She opens up well to friends, family, and other musicians, but strangers who don't have that in common with her make her nervous.   She plays a tricky instrument that requires a fair amount of quick flexibility.
Other: Like Charson, Melody will play either type of music, but she actually prefers the pretty variety.  While she enjoys the annoying type their band usually plays, she composes pieces that are soft and sensitive poetry.  

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