Introduced: Strip #701
Age: Eighteen.
Species: Human.
Personality: Sissy is a very unpleasant human being, and an even more unpleasant roommate.  She's a neat freak, spoiled rotten, and used to giving orders that everyone around her obeys.  Most annoying of her personality traits are the tendency to demand everything immaculate without lifting a finger to help, and her absolute refusal to believe in anything she doesn't want to . . . no matter how much evidence gets shoved in her face.
Other: Sissy's filthy rich parents had little interest in their child, so they tossed money at her every whim and left raising her to an army of maids, private tutors, and other servants.  She was homeschooled till the age of seventeen, at which point her father decided she was too annoying to live with and needed social interaction.


                 Head of Housing (also known as: Lori)
Introduced: Strip #65
Age: Thirty-two.
Species: Human.
Personality: The head of housing has a very simple goal: she wants everyone in college housing to get along with their roommates.  Naturally this is not a goal she has achieved, especially when it comes to difficult placements like Sissy and X.  She's warm and very good at solving disputes, but she does tend to talk down to the students sometimes.  
Other: The head of housing didn't go out of her way to become Sissy's ally, but she's sort of become that by default, since Sissy has now ticked off two sets of roommates, and the head of housing keeps having to defend her and soothe ruffled feelings.  Her name is Lori, but the students seem unaware of this.

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